Snoopy has found the perfect stylish cafe, with delicious coffee and sweets, as well as plenty of books to read! Now you can join the world's most famous beagle and his little yellow bird friend Woodstock. Thanks to this lineup of small, cute items from Re-Ment. There are eight different sets to collect, trade, and you'll get one of each for the complete set. All in an impressive amount of detail that comes perfectly together. Also the box can be cutout to create the background for the diorama. Order yours today!
•    Welcome set
•    Bookshelf set
•    Table set
•    Chair set
•    Lamp set
•    Break time set
•    Soft chair set
•    Gift set


Series: Peanuts
Character: Snoopy
Product Type: Trading Figure (Gashapon)
Material: pvc