Echidna full of grace and elegance is made into a figure! From "Re: Life in Another World Starting from Zero", Echidna is made into a figure in the traditional Chinese costume "Hanfu"!
The original design of the Chinese clothing of NEX is finished in a chic color that matches the image of Echidna, a witch of noble beauty. The characteristic pure white hair is reproduced by painting, and the hair flow in the wind is also carefully modeled. The chic black and white Chinese clothing is an original F:NEX design. The sleeves are made of clear material to express transparency and lightness that flutters in the wind. The umbrella held in the left hand is also made of clear material.
The pedestal with the butterfly drawn on it is an original design of F:NEX. Beautiful from any point of view.
Product Features
•    13.77 inches tall (34.97cm)
•    1/7 Scale
•    Made of PVC and ABS
•    Based on Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World
•    Highly detailed
•    Non-articulated


Series: Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-
Character: Echidna
Product Type: Fixed Pose / Completed Model
Material: ABS and PVC
Scale: 1/7
Size: 25 cm = 9.5" tall