Zachariah “The Hero” Murdock robbed the Bronze City Bank of all its gold, and now he’s on the run from the sheriff. Help Delores Callahan and Dakotah put the gun-slinging outlaw back behind bars before he escapes with the loot. Create your own exciting scenes inspired by Starboard Studios’ popular action-adventure game, The Wild West, on Roblox!

Join five famous characters from the world of Roblox and create your own imaginative adventures
Mix and match parts to build your own unique Roblox character
Deck out your figures with the included accessories
Each package comes with a redeemable code to unlock an exclusive virtual item on Roblox
Collect all your favorite Roblox figures today!


Series: Roblox
Character: Roblox characters
Character: Zachariah “The Hero” Murdock
Product Type: Toys