From the renowned Part 5 of "Mahou Shoujo" Series, the passionate witch Kirara Akutsu is here!

From Part 5 of "Mahou Shoujo" a.k.a "Magical Girl", an original manga by legendary illustrator, RAITA.
The passionate witch, Kirara Akutsu makes her appearance!
Infused with charms of her celeb-like presence,
Kirara's tawny assets coated in a Magical Girl costume further accentuates her grace.

Kirara's posing emphasizes on the buttocks to maximize those assets.
In comparison to the previous girls, the derriere has been made the focal point.
Like a fastball pitch, Kirara's full display of her well-endowed body became the home run for Moyashi-kun.

Kirara's prototype was created by Leslyzerosix, who was personally recommended by RAITA.
Among the characters in "Mahou Shoujo", Kirara has a challenging anatomy to perfectly balance and a meticulous costume design.
Finally, Kirara's molding becoming befitting to be a creation of his latest work.

In charge of painting is someone familiar to all of us, Eimi Hoshina.
Please. Just ogle at the cuteness of Kirara's expression!
The three-dimensional feel of her hairstyle, gradation of the feathers, and the overall results which you'll fall in love wherever you look.

10 years have passed since the release of Misa-nee(Misa Suzuhara), we hope that you enjoy our newest release from "Mahou Shoujo" and to look forward in the future.