The Pokemon Bulbasaur plush toy is just right for Pokemon fans. This 8-inch Bulbasaur toy is authentically detailed, with soft and colourful fabrics. The Pokemon Bulbasaur plush toy is sized just right for cosy bedrooms or taking on the go. Kids can make up their own Pokemon stories with this cuddly Bulbasur, imagining adventures in the land of Kanto and acting out their favourite Pokemon battles. More of a collector? The authentic character design makes the Pokemon Bulbasaur plush toy a great addition to your Pokemon collection. About Bulbasaur Bulbasaur is a grass type Pokemon, with a growing seed on its back. This Pokemon loves napping under the sun. In the game and anime, Bulbasaur evolves as the seed grows, from Ivysaur to Venusaur. This Pokemon Bulbasaur plush toy perfectly captures the Pokemon in its starter form.

Ages: 2 +