The 6th Booster adds Fishman Island, Thriller Bark, and Germa as a theme! These cards introduce new tactics which expands the battle options even further!

New Leaders from FILM, Fish-Man, Thriller Bark, GERMA and Land of Wano join the battle!

Also includes new cards that enhances decks released previously!

Cards that synergises well with the October released STARTER DECK -Zoro & Sanji- [ST-12] are also included!

1 Booster pack : 6 cards (Total 124 types) + Index 1pc


Leader Cards x6
Common x45
Uncommon x30
Rare x26
Super Rare x10
Special Cards x6
DON!! Card x1
Anniversary Special Card x1
27 types of parallel card


Series: One Piece
Character: Roronoa Zoro
Product Type: Trading Cards