Hoops Premium Stock, the final retail release of the 2019-20 season, is your last chance to find rookie
cards of Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, Kendrick Nunn and more!
Hoops Premium Stock features updated photos of players on their new teams along with updated game
action photography of rookies all on opti-chrome technology!
Find autographs of the top NBA Rookies, veterans and legends in Rookie Ink, Hoops Ink and Hot Rookies
Multi-Packs are the only place to find Blue Prizm, Blue Wave Prizm, and the Colored Laser Prizm cards!
Also look for the retail exclusive one-of-one black prizm parallel for insert sets including We Got Next,
Back Stage Pass, Zero Gravity, Courtside and NBA City!
Multi-Pack Exclusive: Blue Prizm, Blue Wave Prizm, Silver Laser Prizm, Blue Laser Prizm, Gold Laser Prizm, Black
Laser Prizm
Also included: Base Silver Prizm, Base Green Prizm, Base Silver Scope Prizm, Base Silver Laser Prizm, Base Blue
Laser Prizm, Base Gold Laser Prizm, Base Black Laser Prizm, Base Hoops Tribute, Base Hoops Tribute Silver
Prizm, Base Hoops Tribute Green Prizm, Base Hoops Tribute Silver Scope Prizm, Base Hoops Tribute Silver
Laser Prizm, Base Hoops Tribute Blue Laser Prizm, Base Hoops Tribute Gold Laser Prizm, Base Hoops Tribute
Black Laser Prizm, Hot Signatures Rookies, Rookie Ink, Hoops Ink, We Got Next, We Got Next Holo, We GotNext Blue, We Got Next Gold, We Got Next Black, Back Stage Pass, Back Stage Pass Holo, Back Stage Pass Blue,
Back Stage Pass Gold, Back Stage Pass Black, Zero Gravity, Zero Gravity Holo, Zero Gravity Blue, Zero Gravity
Gold, Zero Gravity Black, Courtside, Courtside Holo, Courtside Blue, Courtside Gold, Courtside Black, NBA City,
NBA City Holo, NBA City Blue, NBA City Gold and NBA City Black!
Hoops Premium Stock presents your last opportunity to collect the incredible 2019-20 NBA Rookie Class! Look
for a 300-card base set, including 280 veterans/rookies and 20 Hoops Tribute cards!