From the anime "My Hero Academia" comes a scale figure of one of the U.A. High School The Big Three, She has won a beauty pageant,
Nejire-chan, also known as "Hado Nejire", is now available as a scale figure for the first time!
She has a "personality" that uses her own vitality as energy to emit shockwaves, and has been made into a three-dimensional figure floating in the air.
We paid close attention to details, such as the long twisted hair, the sharp body line, and the gradation of the paint!
You can also recreate her smiling face with replacement parts, and you can also enjoy her in a different atmosphere.
It will be a dish packed with the charm of her, so please enjoy it at hand.



Series: My Hero Academia
Character: Nejire Hado
Product Type: Fixed Pose / Completed Model
Material: ABS and PVC
Size: 21 cm = 8.3" tall