Katsuki Bakugo is one of Deku’s childhood friends, possessing great confidence in his intelligence, physical strength, and his battle skills, and has a great ambition with the belief that he will one day become the number 1 hero. Katsuki also possesses the powerful Quirk of Explosion, where sweat from his palms becomes a nitro-like liquid and explodes.

Now you can wield the Quirk of Explosion with the Katsuki Bakugo Grenadier Bracers 1:1 Scale Life-Size Prop Replica by McFarlane Toys. These explosive bracers have been authentically crafted in foam based on the hit anime series My Hero Academia, and are made to easily slide onto your wrists to complete your Katsuiki cosplay look.

Create some fiery explosions with the Katsuki Bakugo Grenadier Bracers in your collection.


Series: My Hero Academia