t's time for some mega mayhem with the Minions! From Despicable Me 4 comes the Launch and Crash Mega Minion Gus Action Figure! Mega Minions are action packed toy figures that spin, launch, speed, blast and crash! Get ready for some wild adventures as your child launches Mega Minion Gus, dressed in his super hero outfit, from his Launcher and make him crash into the scene! Your child will love the Minions' fun movements and features as they play and re-enact some of their favorite scenes from the movie! There are 5 different Mega Minions from Despicable Me 4 for kids to collect including Launch & Blast Mega Minion Mel, Crash & Roll Mega Minion Jerry, Wild Spinning Mega Minion Tim, Speed Burst Mega Minion Dave and Launch & Crash Mega Minion Gus! Each one has a different play feature and accessories. Collect them all and help the Minions complete their mission!