"Booting... Limiter release: complete... All systems go. Mihono Bourbon: activated."

Mihono Bourbon from "Umamusume: Pretty Derby" joins the game's figure lineup at 1/7 scale!
She has been brought into figure form in an original pose based on her unique skill from the game, and she is wearing her [MB-19890426] Signature Racewear.
Highly precise gradated paintwork is used in order to faithfully capture the unique textures of her sci-fi-like Signature Racewear. The sleek physique of the "cyborg" Umamusume is modeled with incredible attention to detail, making the figure a joy to view from any angle.
The base of the figure is reminiscent of a sci-fi-inspired catapult deck, perfectly pairing with Mihono Bourbon's mechanical aesthetic.
Be sure to add Mihono Bourbon, a passionate runner with a stoic gaze, to your collection!



Series: Uma Musume Pretty Derby
Character: Mihono Bourbon
Product Type: Fixed Pose / Completed Model
Material: pvc
Size: 26 cm = 10.2" tall