At long last, from "Dr. STONE" comes a figure of "Kohaku"!
Kohaku, from Dr. Stone, is here as a beautifully crafted figures! She is over 6 inches tall and wielding both of her knives! Also included is Suika's watermelon helmet.
Since she is village's strongest fighter Kohaku is sculpted in an energetic acrobatic pose.
All the fine details of her beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes with more than perfect vision, the shield received from her father, and outfit have been recreated.
This time "Suika" is also joining in on the fun.
We're one billion percent sure Dr. STONE fans will not want to miss this!


Series: Dr. STONE
Character: Kohaku
Product Type: Fixed Pose / Completed Model
Material: pvc
Size: 17 cm = 6.7” tall