Why be stuck one way, when you can do it all? The BUZZmod 1/12 scale action figure line presents Takina Inoue from the hit anime series Lycoris Recoil!

Extensive research and development led us to create this ultimate posable figure!
Takina’s skirt has been reproduced with fabric, allowing you to adjust it in various poses without any restrictions!
Decorative stickers are included so they can be applied to the buttons in order to add detail to the fabric.
By making full use of the simple yet exceptional movable shoulder joints and the chest and lower abdomen joints built into the torso, the tactical gun action in the show can be perfectly reproduced.
For more dynamic poses, replaceable foot parts can be used, allowing the figure to be posed in a sprinting or jumping pose.
Recreate various scenes from the show with the muzzle flash effect and three types of facial expression parts!
The BUZZmod figure line keeps expanding! Please enjoy these wonderfully detailed action figures and add Takina Inoue to your collection today!


Series: Lycoris Recoil
Character: Takina Inoue
Product Type: Action Figure
Material: PVC, Polyester, ABS, POM, PMMA
Scale: 1/12
Size: 14 cm = 5.5" tall