Scruff-A-Luvs are the unloved and abandoned animals who are in need of your help! Kids, help us rescue the Scruff A Luvs! You'll find it scruffy and it's up to you to make it fluffy! When you first find them you won't know what type of animal you've got. Once you give it a little wash you'll start finding its paws and ears and you'll realise what your animal is. Give them a dry, groom them and love them – they'll be your FFF (Furry Friend Forever)

- Mystery colour plushies inside every box – Which pet will you rescue?
- Includes Mystery animal, grooming brush, & accessory & adoption certificate
- Magically transforms from scruffy to fluffy
- Wash, dry, groom and love them forever
- No batteries required
- Adopt them all!
Suitable for ages 5 & up


Series: Little Live Pets
Character: Scruff A Luvs
Product Type: Soft Toy / Plush
Material: plush