A whole new world of adore-a-ball Scruff Surprise are waiting to be rescued and looked after… they’re sure to find their way into your heart! The Scruff Surprise Vet Rescue is ready to be revealed! Inside the cute little doctor’s bag is a surprise pet who needs your help! Open up the doctor’s bag. It transforms into a bed for your pet. Snuggled up inside is a wrapped up fur ball. Un-curl the little fur ball and see what you have found? Is your pet from the snow, the beach, or is it an ultra-rare fantasy animal? Now it’s time to heal them. Read your pet’s diagnosis and then heal them with your included medical accessory. Wipe away their ailments (spots, tears, fleas etc). With 24 pets to collect across 6 different teams, who will you rescue? Maybe you’ll find a limited edition?  All that play can be tiring… layout your Scruff Surprise and tuck them into bed. Time to get some rest!
What's Inside:
1 x Vet Bag
1 x Surprise Pet
1 x Vet accessory
1 x Collector's Guide
1 x Blanket