Even the most technology-dependent men will still be entranced by this simple Liquid Motion Toy! Turn the toy upside down to start the neon fluid moving down to the bottom across a zigzag maze and through a spinning wheel until the neon gathers in impossibly large bubbles at the bottom! Turn it over and it all starts again!

Anxiety-ridden executives (or their underlings) can use the Liquid Motion Toy to take mental health breaks during the busy work day. Just keep the toy in a handy spot on the desk and when things get too much, turn it over a certain number of times, watch the neon liquid ooze along and practice relaxing breathing techniques to help relax the mind and refocus.

Have the Liquid Motion Toy in a prime spot in the office or home in case of unexpected visits by grandchildren or the friends of friends or colleagues. It’s flowing, oozy liquid motions entertain kids without any batteries and should be enough to keep them busy and thus keep them from putting th

Product features:

Turn upside down to start the liquid moving
Suitable for all ages
No batteries required