The "Sit" series developed by Kitan Club is a mini-figure series that allows you to "sit and decorate" in various places such as the corners of desks, the edges of shelves, and small items around the desk. In the "Sit" Demon Slayer "25 Body Set", the characters appearing in the TV anime "Demon Slayer" are three-dimensionalized in various "Sit" poses.

In addition, this product will be developed with a full-scale lineup that was realized because it is sold as a set, including the main character, Sumijiro Kamon and his sister, Sadako, as well as the pillars, demons, and hidden behind the demon slaughter corps. You can enjoy the unique play of a mini-figure that sits a little, such as decorating it as an interior, shooting in various combinations, and carrying it with you on the go.