Please heed Kannazuki Noboru's illustration of a kind-hearted saint.

"YOU CAME TO GET OLIVIA-SAMA'S HOLY WATER, TOO? We've run out of today's portion, so please come back tomorrow morning."
"My wife and I were bedridden, but as soon as we started drinking Olivia-sama's holy water, we were healed! I hope you recover from your illness too!"
"But.. they never show anyone how the holy water is made. The saint must be praying all night for us. She's like a goddess, always smiling without showing any signs of trouble!"


An unimaginable and secret late-night ritual is held far from the public.

While I believe this act should be stopped as soon as possible,
Expectations and pleas for help should not be ignored or betrayed.

She tells herself that this is a justified ritual to save the people and that there is no evil intention.
Yet she knowingly turns her eyes away from the fact that she finds joy and delight every night....

A figure contrary to the desire to be modest;
Kannazuki Noboru drew a holy and heartfelt woman in agony.

We were unable to provide everyone with the promised holy water, which is said to cure all diseases of men and women of all ages in existence.
Regardless of the public's opinions.. With Olivia's presence..
Her smooth white skin, bare from her black robe, and her face, struggling to contain excitement, will be enough to relieve all citizens.

There are two ways to collect the holy water. Please use a rod or collection tool.
The efficacy of both tools is the same, but the amount collected with a cane is less.

Introducing Roin as the sculptor, whom you may feel familiar with from his past works, and Junichi Fukui for the color production and paintwork.
Even with such a simple design, you can feel expressive sculpting and coloring that you won't get tired of.

Olivia would like to extend her sincere prayers to all of you.


Series: Assorted Anime Characters
Character: Olivia
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: ABS and PVC
Scale: 1/5
Size: 26 cm = 10.2" tall