-[DX Metal Cluster Hopper Progress Key] is now available from [Kamen Rider Zero One]!

-Press the PROGRESS key button to scan to the optional Hiden Zero One Driver! Deformed into key mode and set on belt! Fold the progrise key and transform into Kamen Rider Zero One Metal Cluster Hopper!
-Press the progress key again to activate the special move!
-In addition, scan the DX PROGRAM hopper blade (sold separately) with the Metal Cluster hopper PROGRAM key to activate the Special Move.
-In addition, set the DX Ames Shot Riser or DX Extermination Lightning Force Riser (sold separately) after activating the PROGRAMISE key!
-Single play sounds when you press a button! Further expand the program key and transform into key mode!

- set content
・ Metal cluster hopper progress key… 1
・ Instruction manual… 1

(Everything is sold separately except for those that come with this product.)


Series: Kamen Rider a.k.a Masked Rider
Character: Kamen Rider Zero-One
Product Type: Prop Replica