Kick-start your comic book career!

In the comic book industry, cookie-cutter artists just don't cut it. In this book, professional comic book artist Tom Nguyen shows you how to make your work stand out from the masses: Populate your world with convincing heroes, villains and citizens ... Pump-up the drama with perspective, page design and other powerful techniques ... And, ultimately, put it all together to tell kick-ass, action-packed stories!

You'll learn how to:

draw pumped-up dudes and hot babes, with muscles and curves in all the right places.
dress 'em in killer costumes and everyday outfits, complete with hairstyles and accessories.
round out your cast with punks, grandmas, kids, melon heads and other supporting characters.
draw blood-curdling sneers, dagger eyes, and other expressive facial features.

use gesture sketches to establish pose and action.
get creative with poses, camera angles, perspective, and page layout for maximum drama and efficient storytelling.
follow the step-by-step process of bringing two scripts to life, from thumbnails to finished inking tips.
Illustrated with dos, don'ts, and tons of step-by-step instruction, this is a real-world guide to the skills you need to make it as a comic book artist. Armed with these inside secrets and tricks-of-the-trade, you'll be more than just another good artist, but a bona fide, super-hero-style storyteller!