- DO NOT BUY if you are unfamiliar or never played Ichiban Kuji before!
- Shipping cost will be determined and charged after we pack up your winnings! Shipping is NOT Free!
- A personalised video mentioning your name and the amount of tickets you buy will be sent to you via email or messenger.
- Shipping fees are based on weight and dimension of the items you pulled. Shipping fees will be billed to you separately after you find out which items you have pulled and they have been weighed and packed.
- Payment for delivery fees for the items have to be made within 1 working week. We will send the items to you after payment is made. No delivery fees are needed for collection at our stores! 
**There are strictly no refunds or cancellations for Kuji purchased. If we do not receive delivery fees payment for the items you have pulled by the deadline, we will not send the items. 

*Please note that for Kuji items, there are no holds or reservations for Kuji tickets for eCheque payment options until the order is paid / eCheque cleared.
*Strictly no cancellations and refunds for Kuji purchased.

Prizes lineup:

Prize A Prize - Chizuru Ichinose Figure (1 design, 2pc)
Prize B Prize - Mami Nanami Figure (1 design, 1pc)
Prize C Prize - Ruka Sarashina Figure (1 design, 1pc)
Prize D Prize - Sumi Sakurasawa Figure (1 design, 1pc)
Prize E Prize - Chocokko Figure (4 design, 12pc)
Prize F Prize -  Clear File Set (4 design, 20pc)
Prize G Prize - Frame Stand (8 design, 21pc)
Prize H Prize - Rubber Charm (8 design, 22pc)
Last Prize - Chizuru Ichinose Figure


Series: Rent-A-Girlfriend
Character: Rent-A-Girlfriend Characters
Product Type: Ichiban Kuji