Marvel Superheroes and the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu have combined forces again to bring you the ultimate line-up of the stretchiest, gooiest and squishiest Superheroes ever – all ready to defeat evil and save the day! Each Marvel Hero has a unique goo filling with a different texture and feel. War Machine has joined the Heroes of Goo Jit Zu team. This super scrunchy character is filled with beads! Squeeze, squish and stretch his arms, legs and body! War Machine's amazing stretchy body can be stretched up to 3 times its size by kids and then returns to its original shape. Collect all six new 4.5" Marvel Heroes including Ghost Spider, Miles Morales, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk and The Invincible Iron Man!
Kids will discover a new way to play and save the day with these cool Marvel Heroes of Goo Jit Zu!  Your children will want to collect them all!

1 x Stretchy Figure

Suitable for ages 4 years and up.