Since 2001, Halo has become one of the most popular first-person shooter video games of all time, with several successful sequels and spin-offs giving fans countless hours of trigger-happy fun. The series explores an interstellar war between humanity and a group known as the Covenant, an alliance of Aliens lead by religious leaders called the Prophets.

Thanks to the World of Halo series from Wicked Cool Toys, you can now collect an impressive line-up of characters from the franchise, each with their own unique personality and appearance.

Master Chief is an iconic figure and the main protagonist of the series, known by Halo fans everywhere. Meanwhile, the Warthog (or simply, the Hog) is a fast attack vehicle serving the UNSC Armed Forces on and off the battlefield. Used often by Master Chief within the video game franchise, it's a highly useful combat vehicle in defending humanity against the Covenant. The 3.75" Master Chief figure has taken on his likeness with accuracy, from the well detailed green Spartan suit, to the glossy orange visor. It comes fully articulated, which is perfect for mounting him within the included Warthog vehicle. The Warthog features a movable turret and plenty of mechanical details accurate to its appearance in the video games.