The monsters are in revolt, the world is on the bring of destruction, Kaiju are coming from outer space, and the 5-Points collection is getting bigger with this colossal new XL addition for the Round 2 5-Points XL Action Figure 4-Pack.

Inspired by the 1968 Godzilla film, this monstrous crate of Kaiju can barely contain the behemoths of Monsterland inside, including King Ghidorah, Manilla, Gorosaurus, and Baragon! Each of the XL figures have been designed in Mezco’s unique 5-Points style, which blends modern articulation with the look of yesteryear for detailed action figures with a retro twist, and come complete with great variety of character-specific accessories, effects, and interchangeable heads to add to the explosive action.

Supersize your monster collection with the Round 2 5-Points XL Action Figure 4-Pack.

King Ghidorah – This three-headed space dragon is also Godzilla’s arch-enemy! King Ghidorah comes with three gravity beam FX that can attach to his three head portraits.

Minilla – son of Godzilla. Minilla comes with alternate arms, an alternate head portrait, and his signature atomic smoke ring FX that attaches to his head portrait... he’s still working out the whole atomic breath thing.

Gorosaurus – The giant dinosaur that utilizes a leaping kick attack, similar to that of a kangaroo.

Baragon – A four-legged, horned dinosaur-like creature. Baragon is known to leap long distances, burrow deep into the ground, and use his head to get his point across. Baragon comes with an alternate head portrait and an alternate pair of legs.


Two (2) Baragon head portraits
One (1) pair of Baragon legs
Three (3) King Ghidorah gravity beam FX
Two (2) Minilla head portraits
Two (2) pairs of Minilla arms
One (1) Miniilla atomic smoke ring FX
Four (4) display bases