OTs-14, the "Queen of Battles" from the hugely popular social game "Girls' Frontline," is now available as a figure from Reverse Studio in her "Divinely-Favoured Beauty" (Destined Love) heavy damage skin! What started out as a happy occasion has ended in disaster, with OTs-14's glamorous gown reduced to shreds, and the delicious cake at her side has fallen, spattering her with icing! As a special bonus, an acrylic block with the full illustration of the non-damaged version of the illustration that inspired this figure is included! This figure's unique base displays her at an angle. Order her for your own collection today!
Acrylic block (size: 100 x 150mm)


Series: Girls' Frontline
Character: OTs-14
Product Type: Fixed Pose / Completed Model
Material: pvc
Scale: 1/7
Size: 14.5 cm = 5.7” tall