FOM Mania is the best fun you can have with foam! Get ready for the craziest outdoor foam experience with these great FOM Mania foam making toys! Perfect for foam filled birthday parties, epic backyard foam battles or just everyday outdoor sudsy silliness! Double the Fom fun and start having a foam battle straight out of the box with the Fom Mania Fomilator 2 Pack!

The FOM Mania Fomilator is the first ever Foam Blaster on the market. This pack contains 2 cool looking, easy to use Foam Blasters that jet out streams of thick, fluffy foam up to 15 feet for the ultimate Föm experience! Simply pour foam concentrate into the Fömilator reservoirs, fill them with water and you're ready to go!
Load, aim, and blast! This pack includes 2 Fömilator Foam Blasters and 236ml (8 fl oz) of Foam Concentrate to fill each Fomilator twice to create over 200 Fom blasts! Also included are instructions and fun Föm play ideas. Get ready to make every day – and every backyard – Fömazing!

What's Inside:
2 x Foam Concentrate 118ml (4 fl oz)
2 x Fomilator