Under the supervision of KAIYODO, F-toys will release the third “Real Dinosaur Figure”!
There are 6 types, Deinonychus, 2 types of Camarasaurus skeleton, 2 types of Tyrannosauruses, and Therizinosaurus. Even if their sizes are the palm of your hand, they are reproduced with painting and modeling that pursues realism, and they are a specification with a sense of dynamics that seems to start moving at any moment.
Dinosaur is very popular, and museums worldwide occasionally hold expositions. Its size and realistic shape make the Dinosaur Master Series perfect for holding a small dinosaur expo on your tabletop.
Enjoy the F-toys Dinosaur Master Series.


Series: Dinosaur Master
Character: Dinosaurs
Product Type: Trading Figure (Gashapon)
Material: ABS and PVC