Whether you’re an archaeologist, a geologist, or just love to dig around, this Gold Dig It will help you discover a ton of fun! Each box has a 1 in 24 chance of finding REAL GOLD, and comes with everything you need to dig, including a mallet, a chisel, and a brush. Learn about soil, the elements, and about precious metals in the super fun and super educational package! Each box comes with something special, and the stone or metal you find is a wonderful keepsake or educational item. To find out what people have discovered, check it out on Youtube where it’s featured from actual users!

• Each box has a 1 in 24 chance to find REAL GOLD!
• Each mystery box contains 1 mystery stone, plus a mallet, chisel, and a brush
• Clay is made easy to dig into. Encourages fine motor skills, creativity, and an interest in geology.
• Tons of fun for children or adults.



Series: DIG IT!
Product Type: Toys