While working on a formula to grant humans the echolocation abilities of bats, Kirk Langstrom unknowingly created a concoction that would transform those who ingested it into a savage human-bat hybrid. 
Langstrom, now infused with superhuman strength and the finely tuned sense of a bat, set about terrorising Gotham and it’s resident heroes as the bestial Man-Bat!

Standing at 4 inches in height, this finely detailed action figure includes 11 points of articulation to allow for a wide range of poses and display options! The wing sections on this figures arms can be removed as needed to fit in with your displays. A Collector Card features your mission and three mission-specific accessories are on hand to help put an end to any criminal misdeeds that might be taking place. 

A Collector’s Guide is included with each figure so you can keep track of your collection and put together the DC Universe’s ultimate assortment of heroes and villains.