Bandai Premium - TAMASHII ONLINE Exclusive
From Kamen Rider Kabuto, the new CSM Kabuto Zecter Ver. 1.5 is now available!

The CSM Kabuto Zecter Ver. 1.5 is different from its original release in two ways, sound and coloration. The voice lines in the Ver. 1.5 are updated and the painting features a renewed paint job.

With the Ver. 1.5, users can henshin, cast off, put on, Clock Up and perform finishing moves. Roleplayers can access the Clock Up feature through a switch located on the right hip of the belt. To activate the finishing move, press the numbered buttons on the top of the belt and flip the beetle horns over, just like Kamen Rider Kabuto.



Series: Kamen Rider a.k.a Masked Rider
Product Type: Prop Replica