Beyblade QuadDrive tech puts the future of Beyblade battling in your hands with the first ever 4-in-1 top! Each QuadDrive top can be configured in 4 different ways, giving you 4 ways to strategize, 4 ways to customize, 4 modes to battle, and 4 modes to win! Modify your QuadDrive top to gain the ultimate battle advantage.


Train to become champion of the arena with the left-spin Wrath Fafnir F7 G01 QD03 TA23-Q S03 (stamina/attack type) and right-spin Berserk Linwyrm L7 G05 QD05 TB15-Q A04 (attack/balance type) tops. Customize to Core and Apex mode, then Core+ and Apex+ mode to change top type. Harness the power of QuadDrive tech in the QuadDrive Beystadium (Beystadium and launchers sold separately, subject to availability). Scan code on tops to unleash your top in a virtual battle in the Beyblade Burst app!


Launch into head-to-head battles with Beyblade Burst Beystadiums, launchers, and spinning tops as you journey towards Beymastery! (Each sold separately, subject to availability.)


Includes 2 Beyblade Burst QuadDrive tops and instructions.


Ages 8 and up