The prize is a new Satan, complete with a Hurricane disk and an as of yet unknown driver and chassis.

"According to Beyblade VCRV, these parts will be included in the new Random Booster Vol 20:
A new Satan
Earth Aquila (Recolor)
Flame Sagittario (Recolor)
Tact Diabolos Magic
Naked Bahamut Off
Union Spriggan Cut
King Helios (Recolor)

I am very sure, a Galaxy Pegasis remake will also be included in this Random Booster, as it was featured on the latest Beyblade Bar poster and the first GT Random Booster also had a remake which was Storm Pegasis. So hopefully we will be getting a new Driver with this potential Galaxy Pegasis remake in the shape of R2F. I think the Driver could be called Fast (Fs)."