"I just wanna say for the record, they haven't invented a word for how cool this armour is." - Spider-man

Designed and built by Tony Stark, the Iron Spider Suit was presented to Peter Parker after he stopped Vulture from stealing equipment from a Stark Cargo Plane. Incorporating miniature arc reactors, the suit enhanced Peter's abilities even further, giving him a better toolkit to take on the lethal Thanos.

Depicting your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man as he appeared in the Avengers 4: Endgame film from Marvel, Iron Spider looks accurately awesome as a 6" Action Figure. The suit is decorated with Spiderman's traditional red and blue colour scheme, while it borrows from the more mechanical elements of Tony Stark's own Ironmn suit, making it look sturdier and more robotic. The figure is highly articulated, perfect for pulling off countless Spidey poses. Add this dynamic Iron Spider figure from Hasbro to your Marvel Collection.

Also included is a piece of the Build-A-Figure Thanos.