Get Ready To Save The World! When evil forces threaten our world with destruction will you be ready to defend mankind? With the power of science and technology. Conduct The Experiment. Your child begins by activating the Shark Beast Creator with their fingerprint. Step by step your child will progress through the creation process and add ingredients to create their shark species!

Epic Reveal! The FINAL and most POWERFUL ingredient - The PANDEMONIUM CRYSTAL contains CHAOTIC and DESTRUCTIVE ENERGY causing the Beast Creator to sound its WARNING alarms and overheat with intensity! Pull down on the EMERGENCY LEVER to drain the liquid and REVEAL your BEAST INSIDE!

What Will Be Revealed? Which Shark will your child unleash from the Beast Lab? Will it be the HAVOC HAMMERHEAD or MAYHEM MEGASHARK. The Shark Beasts can activate a swinging Power Strike Attack using their Pandemonium Weapon.

Light & Sounds! The Beast Lab Shark Beast Creator comes to life with over 80 Lights & Sounds! As your child progresses through the steps, they will discover numerous sounds and lights from the bubbling within the vessel to the manic alarms!


  • The world is in danger and the only way to SAVE it is to create a BEAST! Conduct an experiment using the Beast Creator to create one of TWO SHARKS!
  • Add ingredients and follow the experiment's steps to create your beast!
  • Watch as the Shark Beast Creator Chamber releases real Bio Mist & pressure builds. Pull down on the Emergency Lever to drain to liquid and reveal the beast inside!
  • Which Shark will you unleash from the Beast Lab? Will it be the HAVOC HAMMERHEAD or MAYHEM MEGASHARK?
  • The Beast Lab is an interactive playset with 80+ lights, sounds and reactions that bring the experiment to life.