It is a transformation belt of the enemy Kamen Rider Arc Zero / Kamen Rider Arc One that appears in "Kamen Rider Zero One". Includes "Ark One Progress Key" that is used when Hiden or a person transforms into Kamen Rider Arc One.


Pressing the upper button of the belt when the arc driver is in the zero state activates Kamen Rider Arc Zero's transformation sound. After transformation, if you press the button on the top, the special move "All Extinction" will be activated.

When you press the button of the included "Ark One Progress Key", the key will be automatically expanded. When set to ARC DRIVER zero, the belt will transform into ARC DRIVER ONE and the Kamen Rider ARC ONE transformation sound will be activated.

In the Ark Driver One state, 11 types of deadly technique voices are recorded.

When you press the button at the top of the belt, malicious learning voices such as "fear," "anger," and "hate" are activated.

Then press the key to activate the special move "Perfect Conclusion". The deathblow sound changes according to the number of times the upper button is pressed.


The ARC driver body contains a number of lines from the satellite ARK (act: Hayami Scholar) and Hiden or Hitoshi (act: Fumiya Takahashi). In addition, the lines of Hiden or Ajin and Az (act: Noa Tsurushima) are recorded in Ark One Progress Key.


Set content

Ark driver body complete set... 1

Ark One Progress Key... 1

Instruction manual... 1


Product size

Arc driver body...H about 115 mm x W about 240 mm x D about 96 mm

ARK ONE PROGRISE KEY...H approx. 67 mm x W approx. 119 mm x D approx. 21 mm


Series: Kamen Rider a.k.a Masked Rider
Character: Kamen Rider Zero-One
Product Type: Prop Replica