Immoral Sister Bunny Designed by Akatsuki Akane!

Akatsuki Akane has illustrated blonde beauty, Sister Amelia, in a non-sister like manner!?

The chain represents Sister Amelia's freedom being deprived.
Those voluptuous amorous suppling breasts and hips represents the sinful mankind.
Her outfit and cross represents her.... outfit and cross.
The design and decorative aspects are something to be very particular about.
Regardless, finer details have been brought to attention.

Both chest and crotch parts are cast-off, so feel free to dress the nun to your bun however you like.
Sister Amelia's tights are actual sewn fabric, so you can keep manifesting those sinful acts of yours ~.

The marble base with an eye-popping giant cross will further enhance your view of the depraved world...
You can "bind" Sister Amelia with the chains however you like.

Please enjoy this erotic and aesthetic world full of benevolent bunnies at home ... ♡


Series: BINDing Creator's Opinion
Character: Sister Amelia
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: ABS and PVC
Scale: 1/4
Size: 34 cm = 13.4" tall