Original Character by Himuro Shunsuke, Queen Bee Honey is out!

Himuro Shunsuke specially designed "Queen Bee Honey" for an original bunny girl figure to all our hunny buns out there!

For this BINDing release, it's not a Bunny Ver. but a Hunny Ver.!!
My Queen! Your lustrous hunny suit and voluptuous proportions are absolute.. Show us the way!
Claiming both nobility and motherly affection, Honey will give you motivation and energy to work all day, every day, and any day!
She's a big scaled Queen made just for the busiest of the bees, so if you want to splurge those honey out, this is your moment.
As per standards, Honey's tights are actual fabric and will relieve all the accumulated work fatigue of our hard working huns <3

Isn't it time to welcome the Queen of your Room that'll embrace all of you?
Let's enjoy the sweet nectar of our beautiful Queen Bee Honey to our Oh so~ heart's content.
Oh? You're Approaching our Queen? Instead of running away she's gonna come and get you <3


Series: BINDing Creator's Opinion
Character: Queen Bee Honey
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: PVC, ABS, Cloth, and Magnet
Scale: 1/4
Size: 25 cm = 9.8” tall