Lilly, designed by Hisasi, is a lady with overflowing lust.
Like her namesake, Lilly donning a pure white outfit, has returned for more of your training.
As you envision her aching pleas, a corporal scene is formed within your newly-found excitement.

The way her body is smoothly bent backward,

You can cherish every inch of her supple body.

Tie her up like the original illustration using the double-sided satin ribbon included,
Or tie the ribbon wherever you choose - you're free to choose whatever play you like!
Train Lilly inside your rooms along with Maria(sold separately). Maria will soon be available in a darker outfit.


Series: BINDing Creators Opinion
Character: Lilly
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: ABS and PVC
Scale: 1/4
Size: 11.5 cm = 4.5” tall