From the TV anime "My Hero Academia" comes a scale figure of Mirko, the current No. 5 professional hero on the Hero Billboard Chart JP, also known as Rabbit Hero!
She has a "Quirk" that "can do things that are more rabbit-like than rabbits", and with kicking techniques that make use of the rabbit's tremendous leg strength, we have expressed her charm to the fullest.
We have paid close attention to details such as her determined expression, muscular beauty, and lively long white hair.
Also, please pay attention to the modeling of the pedestal that creates her charm and world view.
Please enjoy Mirko, who overwhelms the enemy (villain) with his amazing leg strength and jumping power.


Series: My Hero Academia
Character: Mirko
Product Type: Fixed Pose / Completed Model
Material: ABS and PVC
Scale: 1/8
Size: 23 cm = 9.06" tall