A revolution! A figure you can mount on the wall! A new figure of Rikka Takarada!

From the movie "GRIDMAN UNIVERSE" comes a wall figure of Rikka Takarada that can be displayed by mounting on to a wall!
Lacking space to display figures? Or simply searching for a novel and aesthetically pleasing display method for figures? Introducing the wall figure, a new type of figure developed by Good Smile Company.

The wall figure was created as a space-saving solution to displaying Rikka on a swing, based on the movie teaser illustration.

The special wall shelf is designed to be hooked onto the wall by attaching the fixture with thin pins, making the installation holes less noticeable. Lightweight items can also be displayed on top of the shelf.

The figure itself has been carefully sculpted to remain faithful to Rikka's original design, with details that add to her girlish and adorable appeal.
The paintwork is clean and detailed, with the shadows on the face applied carefully. The swing has been sculpted to be adequately realistic while retaining the atmosphere of the figure.
Be sure to add Rikka to your collection! The simple design of this wall figure will allow it to blend into the interior of your home.

*The figure can also be displayed without mounting to a wall using an acrylic display stand (sold separately).