You know... I'll never forget this. About us.. Doubt, Confusion, and this Thumping

『MⅡ』(M Two)

Unseen Scenes of "Love". The Secret Story of a Subservient Girl.
Part of its 2nd installment, the theme was conceptualized by a talented illustrator for a series consisting of Original Characters.

Character Design was done by an illustrator extremely popular in our company projects and who we take pride of, Amamitsuki.

Depicting the original illustration,
Texture of her disarrayed clothes, complex emotions gushing in, expressions, and gestures of the sincere delicate girl were all reproduced in this figure
The emotional expression that makes the scene stand out was finished with a high density sculpt.

In addition, MⅡ features a variety of parts in recreating some moral conduct.
(2 Face Parts, 2 Lower Body Parts, 2 Arm Parts, Restrained Arm and Leg Parts)

Sculpted by Ade-Sugata VI sculptor, Fortunation.
Eimi Hoshina who handled a large portion of our products was in charge of color production.

A captive girl and you knitted together is certainly "A secret that'll never slip out of your lips".
Keep on weaving a new scene.

As a principle in magicbullet(s), this girl does not have a name.
You have the honor in providing her a name.


Series: Assorted Anime Characters
Character: MII
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: ABS and PVC
Scale: 1/6
Size: 13 cm = 5.1" tall