From thomas's original series "The cosplay maids like snacks" comes Alice Otori turned into a three-dimensional figure!

This petite and masochist cosplay maid with big breasts was illustrated by the famous artist thomas. She comes from the original fan fiction. The cosplay maids like snacks」and was brought to life into a 1/6 figure!

Alice was hired as a maid but she can't control her sexual urges...she was elaborately made so you can enjoy her voluptuous J cup breasts, thighs and buttocks.

You can choose between 2 kinds of display with the interchangeable parts; the undergarments pressing her body tightly in clothed version or admire her luscious body in exposed version Deira made sure they will be able to reproduce her erotic body exactly as how thomas drew her.

Naughty yet shy,... Alice is curious about a lot of things! Get her now!