Original Character by Asanagi, Lilith Bacon is ready to cheer on you!

We are finally able to meet the petite and plump Overseas Student from England! Transfer Student Lilith Bacon, illustrated by Asanagi in 1/5 scale!

Posing at a short stature of 143cm with an impeccable petite body. Not to forget a bust size exceeding 100cm are among Lilith's charm points <3
Asanagi's original character, Lilith Bacon, is never chippy but very crispy with her movement and dynamic pose.
We were so thrilled to be able to reproduced her as a scale figure!
Lilith's impressive I-shaped pose is perfect for gazing at her usually concealed and bootyful anatomy of hers.
This figure was recreated with utmost attention to details,
from the bounciness of Lilith's hair, to the creases of her Cheerleading uniform, and to how her knee-socks are clamping on her thighs like there's no tomorrow.

In addition, by removing the pom-poms held in both hands, you can slightly change her pose to that classic double peace sign.
Of course, Lilith Bacon comes with interchangeable chest and crotch parts.
You'll be sure to enjoy the innermost part of her outfit.

Won't you hog all of Lilith's attention to only cheering for you?


Series: Asanagi Original Character
Character: Lilith Bacon
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: PVC, ABS, metal
Scale: 1/5
Size: 37.1 cm = 14.6" tall