The rumored Misa-nee has completely taken a new form!!

Misae Suzuhara Bunny Ver. was the first bunny girl released from the series "Mahou Shoujo" by RAITA.
Five years after the figure's release, a completely new form with the aim of making the new sculpture its definitive version is reintroduced.

The illustration for the figure is a new illustration prepared by the legend, RAITA.
This is a sexier depiction of Misa's super-model frame.
Slender limbs, a taut chest, a melancholic expression, and a one-of-a-kind volume of a figure.
Be sure to check out the unique presence of this 1/4 scale at your own fingertips.


Series: Raita Original Character (Magical Girl Series)
Character: Misae Suzuhara
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: ABS and PVC
Scale: 1/4
Size: 49 cm = 19.3" tall