Beloved Illustrator Pusakipuna strikes back with "Mifuyu Yukino" styled in a bunny suit!

Well, well, well.
After 2 months, our beloved illustrator Pusakipuna teases us with "Mifuyu Yukino" reproduced in a Bunny Style figure!
From Punopupupu's original creation of a Yukionna widow , now you can enjoy her iciness in a much thiccer form.

The Rose-print ruffled ribbons on Mifuyu's arms and legs accentuates her pure and glossy white bunny suit vigorously.
Mifuyu's design is simple yet highlights her beauty like no other.
She's not very sociable, but she's waiting for your return home by donning a bunny suit and in such indecent pose!
Oh, its to cure you off exhaustion from your daily battles of course!

100% built to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer with fabric tights in a 1/4 scale further maximizing comofortability all day, everyday, any day!

Even though she has the shadow of a widow, we know you ladies and men of culture are the only ones that'll accept her cosntant hard work!
For those who fell in love with Ms. Yukino, please take this opportunity to experience how wonderful a Bunny Figure is with your own body.. UOOGGHHH!!
To our beloved Bunny Connoisseurs,
We know that you are aware of Mifuyu's appeal and that feeling of receiving her!

Perhaps, the days are already sizzling hot by the time Mifuyu arrives to your destination.
But for those hot days to come, why not get ready to welcome her now during the cold season which Mifuyu loves the most?
Preparations for the next year have already begun!
Ms. Yukino is always waiting for you!


Series: Assorted Anime Characters
Character: Mifuyu Yukino
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: PVC, ABS, Fabric, and Magnet
Scale: 1/4
Size: 29 cm = 11.4" tall