Popular Illustrator PyonKichi's Original Character, "Jump Rope Girl Hana" is Here!

Original Character by Popular Illustrator PyonKichi, "Jump Rope Girl Hana"!

Hana, dressed in her stunning gym clothes, is taking on the jump rope challenge of her life!
For some turn of events, her pleasant time with the jump rope turned into gruel and struggle.
Realize that the combination of Gym Wear and Jump Rope opens up the void of infinite potential!
Going forward, there'll be lots of knots and entanglement that'll occur inside your rooms.

Push it to the Limit! Break one's sense of ownership and satisfaction!
A 1/4 big scale figure that comes with actual scaled gym clothes and jump rope.
Delivered to you in a design with freedom and justice filled to the brim.

Actual cloth is used for Hana's Gym Clothes, so there should be no problem if I have a sudden unexpected visitor! Right...?
Time to reminisce those youthful days playing with the jump rope, but this time with Hana-chan in mind...
Of course, this merchandise is highly recommended to all the jump rope masters out there!

How will you guys plays with Hana-chan.... Naughty Girls and Boys, show us your magnus opus, your libido, and your way of life!