Original Bunny Girl By Popular Illustrator Tomoe Sasamori! Hiyori Mikakino Returns As A White Bunny!

Original Bunny Girl "Hiyori Mikakino" designed by popular illustrator, Tomoe Sasamori, comes knocking back!
This time, Hiyori dons a white based bunny suit, a sharp change from the previous black bunny suit.

Mikakino-san's insatiable body brings quite an impact even with a white bunny suit.
Elevating her "pureness"(seiso) level, you can also enjoy a sense of immorality when staining her unadulterated appearance this time!

A large 1/4 scale figure with actual fabric mesh tights would make such a great gift....
This merchandise is designed to bring smile all over the world.

For those who have yet to experience a bunny... a white bunny is perfect to pop that cherry!
As for our veteran and heavy bunny connoisseurs... We made you wait, now here's your white bunny!
Last time, everyone who thought "I wish they released her in white" and passed the opportunity... She's back in white babyyyyy!

Let's go and get buried in Hiyori's supple marshmallow body and forget all the bad stuff!


Series: BINDing Creators Opinion
Character: Hiyori Mikakino
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: Abs, PVC, Mirror
Scale: 1/4
Size: 26 cm = 10.2" tall