The Strongest Taimanin "Asagi Igawa", now available in a bunny suit!

From the popular adult game Taimanin series, donning the moniker "Strongest Taimanin",
Asagi Igawa, in a bunny suit has been specially prepared as a big scaled figure.

Asagi in a shameless pose and with such ignominious expression...
This forbidden situation with a cool beauty was recreated for some mind-shattering presence.

Asagi's bunny suit can't hold her exploding hooters and just take a look at those rumps that her tights are fighting to contain!
In case you haven't noticed, that mirror base reflects Asagi's salacious part with so much lush.
Truly a piece that is furnished for the Fetish Demons.

Enjoy your very own steaming hot Asagi. Please enjoy her to your heart's content!


Series: Taimanin Series
Character: Asagi Igawa
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Material: PVC, ABS, and Polyester
Scale: 1/4
Size: 38 cm = 15” tall