The release of Kantai Collection started a new hype of browser games in anime style in Japan. It was only a matter of time until the hentai scene started to join in, too. Eroge are very popular already anyway. DMM brings us Lord of Walkure which is published in English under the label Nutaku named Lord of Valkyrie. The game is all about those Valkyries who get captured by different monsters and your mission is to save them. The game combines elements of the classic role playing game and of card games. One of the Valkyries in the game helps you find your way in the beginning and explains the game's mechanics before joining your party as well. That is the cute blue-haired Navi shown with her big sword and an owl as her companion. Aquamarine sculpted her very nicely in a scale of 1/7 made by fans of the game themselves. You can cast-off the top of her outfit which didn't look like it would hold her curves anyway.


Series: Lord of Walkure a.k.a Lord of Valkyrie
Character: Battle Maiden Navi
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/7