Hotaru Minazuki, from the 2016 hit game “Amatsutsumi”, is being released as a scale figure!

Hotaru Minazuki, from the Purple Software masterpiece “Amatsutsumi”, an adventure game of bonds, with carefully crafted text, has been turned into a scale figure.
She has been turned to 3D based on a specially drawn illustration, giving her a womanly, charming expression while retaining her girlishness.
Her delicate yet voluptuous, soft body, and her limber fingers have also been carefully recreated.
By finely crafting the clothes, the appearance that they are going to be taken off any moment now has been increased, making for a charming impression.
The lower body part can be exchanged, choosing between parts with and without underwear.
Hotaru’s plush dolls are also included, and you can display them as you want.
Make Hotaru yours as she strikes a daring pose even though she is embarrassed.


Series: Amatsutsumi
Product Type: Cast Off / 18+
Product Type: PVC
Scale: 1/7
Size: 20 cm = 7.9" tall